Oklahoma, 1907 From This Day Forward
  Babetta Juergens & Doug Swindell
  Bank of America
  Inside Bank of America, Park & Robinson, downtown Oklahoma City

Artist's Description

Oklahoma Territory and The United States of America do lawfully join in union to honor, cherish, and obey, from this day forward, till death due part.

The brilliantly colored, red, white and blue Eagle Indian Headdress is worn as a crown on the head of the new Oklahoma. The eagle headdress crown, features a blue field of cut stars with 7 rods and 6 white features. The buffalo representing Indian Territory is merged in union with the symbolic United States Flag. The face of the buffalo is painted black. The world of the Indian is depicted by a sunburst and a universe of small stars radiating from the center point of the buffalo's face. Indian symbols flank both sides of the sun burst. The black sky with the universe of small stars and
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Indian symbols begin merging around the buffalo into a blue sky covered with white stars that then merge into billowing red and white stripes. The headdress is made form mirror backed plastic that was heated and shaped into all pieces necessary to create a beautiful work of art. My design represents symbolically much more than a buffalo covered with a flag. It represents to me Oklahoma, 1907 from this day forward.

Spirit of the Buffalo originated as a public art project combining art, commerce and civic pride in Oklahoma featuring Oklahoma artists. Initial proceeds benefited the Nature Conservancy's work in Oklahoma. The website project continues through private funds.