Big Blue Buffalo
  Janie L. Brainard
  Norman Regional Hospital
  Norman Regional Hospital - new building off Tecumseh Rd. Take I-35 south, exit W on Tecumseh, go about 1/4 mi. Hospital is on S side of road

Artist's Description

Big Blue Buffalo is a fun, dynamic mosaic of mirror pieces and cobalt blue glass and ceramic pieces.

Upon the symbol of Oklahoma history, the buffalo, the mosaic pieces shape a giant swirl of water. I chose water as a symbol because of its historical link to the renewal of Oklahoma, starting with the hundreds of man-made lakes after the Dust Bowl Era and continuing with the new Downtown Canal. The glass and mirrors may also remind viewers of the Crystal Bridge or the silvery office buildings downtown.

The idea is to create a giant swirl of Nature and Man; natural forms (the buffalo and the blue swirl of water) are constructed with man-made materials
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(the fiber-glass buffalo body and the glass and pottery relics that adorn it).

The buffalo's large swirl of bright mirrors and brilliant blue is visually striking from afar. As the viewer approaches, a complex tactile texture is discovered. The varied mosaic encourages the viewer to hunt out symbols in the buffalo, discovering patterns, Native American nature symbols, tumbled waterglass, and fragments of Route 66/Oklahoma ceramic curios.

Spirit of the Buffalo originated as a public art project combining art, commerce and civic pride in Oklahoma featuring Oklahoma artists. Initial proceeds benefited the Nature Conservancy's work in Oklahoma. The website project continues through private funds.