Buffalo Bills
  D. Brian Ward & Robert Marsee
  Thank you to all of our sponsors of the Oklahoma Centennial Projects
  Centennial Commision on Main between Robinson & Broadway, #42 on Map

Artist's Description

I chose this idea for the funny play on words in the title, as well as because I knew that since money plays such an important role in every state, and especially this fast growing city, that the subject
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matter would fit many businesses like banks, CPAs, credit unions, tax services, etc. The reason I chose the 100 dollar bill is to represent the centennial...the face in the window of the bill is, of course, a buffalo, and the bills all have names of sponsors on them.

Spirit of the Buffalo originated as a public art project combining art, commerce and civic pride in Oklahoma featuring Oklahoma artists. Initial proceeds benefited the Nature Conservancy's work in Oklahoma. The website project continues through private funds.