Buffalo Nickel
  Rick Bewley
  Bank One
  Corral, 1 East Main at the Bricktown & Downtown border

Artist's Description

The buffalo nickel will look just like a buffalo nickel. My plan is to slice the fiberglass buffalo in half, then use a sheet of lexan to make the disc. The disc will then be put in between the two halves of the buffalo. The text on the disc will be made from 1/8" thick acrylic letters, attached to the disc. It will look like the buffalo side of a buffalo nickel on both sides. The entire sculpture, front and back, will then be painted silver with antiquating to give it the aged appearance of an actual nickel.

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"In progress" photos

Spirit of the Buffalo originated as a public art project combining art, commerce and civic pride in Oklahoma featuring Oklahoma artists. Initial proceeds benefited the Nature Conservancy's work in Oklahoma. The website project continues through private funds.