The herd rides on!
December 2006

In December 2006, the Spirit of the Buffalo website project was taken over by its original artist/designer, Tammy Pinkston. Along with volunteers who have had a passion for this project all along, we'll continue to keep the project alive to represent the great state of Oklahoma, and in honor of the memory of the originator of the project, Keven Virgilio.

Along with this change comes an update of the website, including updated locations of the buffalo...stay tuned for more buffalo information!

Yippie!!! We're in print!!!
December 7, 2006

A book on the Oklahoma Nature Conservancy's Spirit of the Buffalo project was released in December 2006. It is a full color, comprehensive work including the history of the project, pictures and info about each buffalo, stories, "BuffaBytes" (buffalo-related factoids) and more!

October 3, 2006
Carolyn B. Leonard

Mayor Keding conferred the title of “Buffalo Beale” to their benefactor, Richard “Dick” Beale, who donated one of the OKC art buffaloes to the town last week.  Keding assured the donor the animal would be well-cared for, saying, “We are so proud of receiving this gift, and hope you will come back soon and often.” More..

The Spirit of the Buffalo changes leadership
October 8, 2004

The Spirit of the Buffalo project under the leadership of the Nature Conservancy ended on September 30th. However, Downtown OKC Association is taking over leadership of the project. A large number of the herd will continue to be on display and there may also be new exciting things yet to come!

During this transition time some information, such as locations of the buffalo, may not be current and updated. Some buffalo may be going off display, but many can still be found in their previous locations. We appreciate your understanding and patience while we adjust the herd.

Though you will begin to see changes on the website to reflect the new leadership, the website will continue without interruption. Information is being updated as soon as it is received, so please check back often.

Thank you for your patience during this time of transition and your continued interest and support in the Spirit of the Buffalo!

Tammy Pinkston, Web designer for Spirit of the Buffalo

Big Blue put out to Pasture
for Spirit of the Buffalo project

August 25 , 2004
Carolyn B. Leonard

Janie Brainard, an art major graduate of the University of Santa Fe, estimated four weeks to complete her monumental project for the Nature Conservancy. It actually took much longer to transform the plain gray fiberglass object into a work of sparkling mosaic art. More...

Buffalo 'Spirit'
June 9, 2004
Deborah Benjamin
Copyright, Oklahoma Gazette

The latest addition to the Nature Conservancy's fund-raising campaign and art exhibit is based upon the legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman. More...

Buffalo herd
June 2, 2004
Elizabeth Lowry
Copyright, Oklahoma Gazette

Bison are migrating back to Oklahoma, only they aren't shaggy-maned mammals. They're art... More...

Local artist lends hand to project
June 10, 2004
by Nancy Cook-Senn and Jennifer Pitts
Copyright 2004, The Shawnee News-Star

The herd is growing. Shawnee artist LeAnne Henry Wright is one of 100 artists selected to create for The Spirit of the Buffalo public art project of The Nature Conservancy... More...

Read the She's OK! article here

Outdoors: Where the buffalo roam
by Krista Townsend
Copyright, Norman Transcript

Have you noticed the "artistically-enhanced" buffalo grazing around Oklahoma City and other parts of the state? More...

Buffalo artistry highlights nature conservancy
May 21, 2004
by April Wilkerson
Copyright 2004, The Shawnee News-Star

Move over, Cows on Parade. Oklahoma's Spirit of the Buffalo is taking to the streets. "It will be incredible to walk down the street and see the sculptures, and to see the same buffaloes reinterpreted over and over," More...

Buffalo statues to raise profile of conservancy
Apr. 28, 2004
by Elizabeth Camacho Wiley
Copyright 2004, The Oklahoma Publishing Company

NORMAN - He has been nicknamed Buffy and Billy Bob. Once he's completed, his official name will be Sunflake. More...

Above is a photo of the two Chihuly-designed buffalo. They are being housed in the OKC Museum of Art in downtown till they go on exhibit with the rest of the herd May 4.

Paint it like Pollock
Apr. 14, 2004
by Melissa A. Wabnitz
Copyright 2004, The Norman Transcript

Students enjoy painting artist-inspired buffalo herd...though Irving Middle School may seem like an unlikely home for a grassland grazer, the kids seem to be making their new fiberglass friend feel quite welcome. More...

Spirit of the Buffalo
by Josh McBee
Copyright 2004, The Norman Transcript

Norman artist Judy Osburn commissioned to paint fiberglass beast...Osburn's inspiration for her nature motif came from a love of wildlife. More...


Buffalo return beyond the range in state project
Feb. 26, 2004
by Tom Lindley
Copyright 2004, The Oklahoma Publishing Company

By May, more than 100 life-size fiberglass buffalo will be on display in downtown Oklahoma City and statewide in an attempt by The Nature Conservancy to celebrate civic pride and artistic creativity and to promote the conservation of Oklahoma's natural landscapes and waterways through the sale of corporate and individual sponsorships. More...

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Capitol Buffaloed
by Ron Jenkins

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- For the first time in a century, buffalo could be spotted Monday where the state Capitol's south steps are located. More...

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Buffalos in the buff stampeding the Capitol

Governor Brad Henry and Spirit of the Buffalo Co-Chair J. Larry Nichols officially welcome the buffalo herd during a ceremony held at the State Capitol in January
Left to right: Betty Price, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Arts Council; Lee Allan Smith, Project and Event Coordinator for the Oklahoma Centennial Commission; Governor Brad Henry; Blake Wade, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Centennial Commission; Jenny Hendrick, Co-Chairman of Spirit of the Buffalo; Larry Nichols, Co-chairman of Spirit of the Buffalo; Tim Grogan, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Chapter of The Nature Conservancy; Nance Diamond, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Arts Institute.

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Spirit of the Buffalo originated as a public art project combining art, commerce and civic pride in Oklahoma featuring Oklahoma artists. Initial proceeds benefited the Nature Conservancy's work in Oklahoma. The website project continues through private funds.